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Hey I'm Alyssa & I am a eighteen year-old singer-songwriter, pianist, ukulele player, & overall music enthusiast. I have been playing piano since about 2005 and I have been singing just as long. I've been writing songs since 2011, & I currently have two self-produced albums out now: Music is my Life + Memories & New Beginnings & a professionally recorded EP: Looking Glass.
Since winning the Philadelphia Songwriters Project in 2015, doors have opened. In 2016, I opened for 3 time GRAMMY nominee Crash Test Dummies and season 8 winner of The Voice Sawyer Fredericks. In 2017, I opened for Ben Arnold, Jim Boggia, and Bucky Covington (American Idol Season 5 Finalist). Also in 2017, my songs Loved Actually and Better Life will be featured in Daniel Roebuck's movie Getting Grace.   I released my first full length studio recorded album called "Three Little Words" last October 13, 2017.
I cover a ton of songs in my videos and during gigs. Some of my favorite artists are Sara Bareilles, Ed Sheeran, Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson (the list goes on...). Also if you ever meet me, I'm probably writing in my notes, reading the newest YA novel, or just singing to my heart's content. Music & Songwriting have become dominant factors of my life, and I'm lucky enough to spend most of my time doing what I love.
So, here I hope you find out a little more about who I am, my songs, my videos, and my performances. I hope you enjoy my music, & I hope you get inspired or simply enjoy listening to my songs. Don't be afraid to leave me a note just to say hi. 
Thanks for all your continuous support!
Much Love,